Other Products & Consulting Services:  

    1.   Products:  industrial cleaners and degreasers
    2.   Evaluations: companies & their related products.
    3.   Leads: for international job opportunities.
    4.   Municipal resolution information procurement.
    5.   Financial and marketing leads for Wall Street &
    5.   Madison Avenue corporations.
    6.   Other topics researched upon request.
    7.   Demographic information available for any of the U.S. States.
7.   Call or e-mail for pricing. Requests can be made via e-mail or phone.
7.   Reports will be available with 24 business hours of your original request.

Capabilities & Credentials:

    1.   Liquor license purchases.
    2.   Liquor license sales.
    3.   Knowledge and insight about NJ ABC requirements.
    4.   Coordinate & facilitate all aspects (except legal) of the
    4.   liquor license transfer process.
    5.   Knowledgeable about market data within a targeted community.
    6.   Feasibility and issues research by attorney or client request.
    7.   Environmental and historic research.
    8.   Member of The Better Business Bureau.


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