Have you asked yourself...  

Can I personally buy or sell a liquor license?

How long does it take to buy and transfer a liquor license?

What is the market value of a liquor license?

Are there any requirements or limitations in owning a liquor license?

How many liquor licenses are there in each municipality?

How many classes of liquor licenses exist?

Is there any regulation governing the financing of a liquor license?

Is there any regulation governing optioning of a liquor license?

Are there any regulations governing the location of liquor licenses and the distance between liquor licenses?

What can occur if more than one Letter of Intent and/or Purchase Agreement is entered into by the seller of a liquor license and multiple buyers?

When real estate is attached to a liquor license, is it advantageous to sell the liquor license simultaneously with the real estate or separate the liquor license from the real estate?  

Buying or selling a liquor license is a complex process!! If you have asked even one of these questions, call (732)452-0984 or email Expert Licensing We have the answers for you!

The following lists describe the classes of liquor licenses in New Jersey:

Class A: Manufacturers - 
alcoholic beverage industry

Plenary Brewery License
Limited Brewery License
Plenary Distillery License
Limited Distillery License
Supplementary Limited Distillery License
Rectifier and Blender License
Bonded Warehouse Bottling License
Class C: Retailers
Plenary Retail Consumption License
Seasonal Retail Consumption License
Plenary Retail Distribution License
Limited Retail Distribution License
Plenary Retail Transit License
Club License
Hotel License
Class B: Wholesalers and Distributors
Plenary Wholesale License
Limited Wholesale License
Wine Wholesale License
State Beverage Distributor's License
Plenary Export Wholesale License
Limited Export Wholesale License
Class D: Transportation
Class E: Public Warehouse


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